A personal best at the Stafford half marathon

Sunday 17th March saw me enter my second Stafford half marathon. I'm only two years in to my running career at the age of 46, following a successful weight loss journey but that's a story for another day. I learned a lot since my first half marathon, Birmingham in late 2017 which I ran in 2:08.18. A couple at 1:58 and Birmingham 2018 saw me set a new PB of 1:52 which I superseded this weekend with a well-planned 1:47.21.



This race was all about planning and preparation on the build up to the 2019 Virgin London Marathon, my second VLM, only my second marathon.

Two months in to using Elagen Sport I cannot thank Allie and Eladon enough for their support.

This year I've worked hard on averaging out my pace on a long run kilometre by kilometre and adjusting that pace slightly depending on the overall distance I'm running.



Prep+fuelling+Elagen Sport = a new PB and fast recovery!