Active lifestyles

We all aspire to good health, active lifestyles and longevity but who more so than our dedicated athletes. Eladon have sponsored a number of athletes including elite triathletes, even quadathletes! For these people, at the top of their chosen sport, it is especially crucial that they avoid common infections such as colds and flu and that they maintain optimum health and capacity to endure and better their performance. Their example is an inspiration to everyone of all ages and their endorsement of our products attests to their observations in maintaining health, energy and stamina.


Here's just a few of our past and present sponsored athletes and some of what they have had to say.....


A World Champion, Helen Russell

"For me, this is the perfect start to the season and of course I couldn’t have done it without your support and Elagen Sport. I am now excited for the rest of the season, which for me now means defending my British titles! Thanks again for your support which has helped me win this latest title.”


Once WBU World Champion Colin "The Dynamo" Dunne

"Champions can’t AFFORD to be unwell and for this, I firmly place my trust Elagen Sport"

"I am training hard, and since restarting my new course of capsules I have had not a sniffle, I feel good in my bones, mentally and physically I know that I am equipped to do my job, in full knowledge that Elagen Sport is in my cupboard and protecting me"


Endurance athlete and long time Elagen Sport ambassador, Mark D'arcy

Mark said that there was no way he could take part in events and put his body under that much strain without really taking care of himself, a healthy diet and Eladon’s supplements, Elagen Sport & Joint Formula, and also taking zinc in the evenings, are all essential for this.

"without doubt, Eladon’s products have assisted me for many years, not just with regards to my performance, training and helping me achieve great results, but also in everyday life.” 


Elagen Sport ambassador and marathon runner, Graham Berry 

Prep+fuelling+Elagen Sport = a new PB and fast recovery!

I can honestly say that I’m loving taking Elagen Sport. What a difference! The recover period seems a lot shorter and it’s definitely aiding training due to that. I could never be without this supplement now and can’t thank Eladon enough for their support.