Eladon Continually Evolving

Eladon Continually Evolving

A good product continually evolves – such is the case for Elagen – arguably one of the best standardised extract of Eleutherococcus senticosus you will find on the market.

Humanity has always extracted medicines and remedies from plants since the time of the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks until today. The advantages of decoctions, infusions, tinctures and syrups are clear – if not for the extraction methods you would need to somehow chew your way through a considerable quantity of possible bad tasting plants. Extraction concentrates the active ingredients and produces a soluble concentrate, leaving behind the dirt, bacteria and contaminants.

Highest Standards Maintained

Standardisation is simply the control, by chemical analysis, to check the level of active ingredients in each batch of plant remedy and ensure that they are all the same. Of course plants vary in their quality and strength from place to place and plant to plant. To make sure they are the same a decision is made on which is the main active ingredient and what is its level in correct and reasonably good quality plants. Imagine if you were buying a tub of paracetamol and you were faced with a selection of products of indeterminate strength, some of which had not been quantified and contained little or no paracetamol and some of which had known amounts. Which would you buy? The same goes for Eleutherococcus – always look out for a standardised product or you may not get any active ingredient at all.

For nearly 30 years Eladon Ltd has been trading we have grown to appreciate that our customers deserve a herbal supplement that evolves into the best possible product. We pride ourselves on our dedication to continually checking we have the best extracts from the best sources and our customers can always be sure they are getting the best quality standardised extract in each capsule. We use finely ground organic Eleutherococcus herb, as the carrier for the active ingredient in our Elagen capsules. Our product is 100 per cent Eleutherococcus senticosus, with 2000mg equivalent of dried root (active ingredient) in each capsule (in a base of maltodextrin).


In the 1950′s Prof Brekhman of the pharmacological department of the Far East Scientific Centre of the Russian academy of Sciences recognised the potential value of the root and initiated extensive research into its properties. He subsequently classified Eleutherococcus as an ‘adaptogen’. An adaptogen is a natural plant substance, which acts to normalise the body’s systems in harmony with the normal metabolic, biochemical and immunological processes, as such adaptogens are innocuous and cause no harm. Adaptogens should have a non-specific action, such is the ability of Eleutherococcus to modulate stress and improve performance under a wide variety of stressful conditions.

Not a Ginseng!

Certain confusion arises because Eleutherococcus Senticosus is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Siberian Ginseng. This is because it does have some properties in common with Ginseng and has been called this for familiarity. Eleutherococcus however, has different active ingredients and a different way of acting – unlike Ginseng it is not a stimulant.