I want to thank Eladon from the bottom of heart....

Mark D’Arcy has been taking Elagen Sport for over 13years! He has also tried a number of our other supplements and loves our Immuno 29 and Zinc. We are proud to have Mark as an ambassador for Eladon’s products.

Mark is an endurance athlete who needs to keep healthy and maintain a consistent level of energy in order to complete the many triathlons he commits to every year.

Here is a lovely update we received from Mark at the end of last year.

I want to keep you updated on the races I have planned for this season & how am improving. I will be racing as much as I can, this will give me more of a chance to discuss your products. Let’s hope I continue to improve this year! More importantly lets see if we break the endure course record.

I've had a lot of business trips, work commitments & basically, eating well. In light of this, training is back on track. I smashed my Olympic Personal Best last year by 6 minutes, therefore, I got down to 2.08 in addition to racing my first half, so I asked myself how I was going to improve again. It gets more difficult each year & that's not just my age!

I wanted to thank Eladon from the bottom of my heart for all your support, your assistance and products are a big part of my performance. I have invested in a top class coach a few weeks ago, that took friends to the world champs & is run by Brett Sutton! This should take me onto another level!

I absolutely love being an ambassador for Eladon, your products Elagen Sport, Immuno 29 & Zinc & continue to promote the brand, I especially love the performance they give if used correctly, furthermore, its in line with my ethos! I ensure this is passed onto everyone I speak too, especially new comers….. They just keep coming!

Regards Mark D'Arcy