Previous Sponsored WBU World Champion Colin "The Dynamo" Dunne.

Look what we found from one of our previous Sponsors WBU World Champion Colin "The Dynamo" Dunne...

Dear reader, if you are reading this article then you are no doubt already a subscriber to the properties of Elagen and Elagen Sport and are fully aware of its beneficial qualities. If you are not aware of Elagen and Elagen Sport but are Iooking to be convinced of its true properties and how it can benefit you, then look no further and read my story…..

It all began roughly 12 weeks before my shot at The WBU Lightweight Championship in the boxing arena. A very good friend and supporter of mine, himself a former Amateur Flyweight Champion and now top veteran triathlete Mr Dave Lowry, introduced me to Elagen Sport. He told me of its miraculous powers to stave off 'flu' viruses and the overall well being you feel whilst taking Elagen Sport during hard weeks of training. Dave felt that this product, which he truly believes in, could very well benefit my good self, considering the heavy training schedule that I must sustain for at least 6 weeks before a major 12 round contest. I don't mind admitting I was very sceptical about this new product about to invade my well tuned engine but Davey assured me that it was absolutely drug free, and would not interfere with my diet, or my need to lose weight, usually around 7-8lb before a fight.


So now my order was in, my goods arrived, and I was a consumer of Elagen Sport. My training went fantastic for a solid 8 weeks. I ran everyday, sparred virtually every day 8, sometimes 10 rounds at a time, and for those of you who are not familiar with boxing, the usual work-out consists of 4 rounds to 5 rounds of sparring. So now when I look back, it was thanks to Elagen Sport that I was able to sustain such a terrific pace. My World Title fight as you can see was duly won over 12 gruelling rounds of which I was a clear points winner. My opponent, Zottan Kaloscai (Hungary) was a very tough opponent, but again I think the use of Elagen Sport during my training pulled the best out of me.


A few months went by after my emphatic win at York Hall (London) on 28th November 1997, and due to my training programme being brought right down to basics, I slowed up on my taking of Elagen Sport, from 3 tablets a day to one, still everything was fine and then when my original supply came to an end, after using it through September, October, November, December, January, and halfway through February, I decided not to order any more, totally taking for granted the benefits of Eleutherococcus and having forgotten what life was like before taking Elagen Sport! To my surprise, I was struck down twice with influenza viruses of a very unpleasant nature within the space of 3 weeks. After my second bout of the ‘flu', I had had enough and so I was on the phone to the Eladon team to reorder my Elagen Sport. I am now training for my first defence of my title on 23rd May, and I am training hard, and since restarting my new course of capsules I have had not a sniffle, I feel good in my bones, mentally and physically I know that I am equipped to do my job, in full knowledge that Elagen Sport is in my cupboard and protecting me (kinda like the Ready Brek advert). My training is advancing and my fight is getting closer and due to the fact that this is my sole way of earning an income, I know that I must win and I also know that I can't afford to contract any form of virus and that my recovery from any sort of physical exercise needs to be 100%. I trust in Elagen Sport and rely on it, to take care of me from the inside, whilst my trainer Mr Colin Lake can get on with his job of training me to a peak performing, well tuned, sparks flying Colin “The Dynamo” Dunne.


Champions can’t AFFORD to be unwell and for this, I firmly place my trust in Elagen & Elagen Sport.

Keep smiling, yours in sport

The Dynamo”