Running gave me a sense of worth

I reached out to Eladon at the beginning of 2019 and was very interested in trying their highly recommended adaptogen supplement Elagen Sport. I can honestly say that I’m loving taking Elagen Sport. What a difference! The recover period seems a lot shorter and it’s definitely aiding training due to that. I could never be without this supplement now and can’t thank Eladon enough for their support.

Here’s my story….

I started running in June 2017 as part of a weight-loss journey. 10 years prior to this I had an operation on my left knee, an arthroscope resulting in the removal of a chunk of bone that had broken off. Following which, the surgeon said no more running. At the time I was 16 stone 7 lbs and the view taken was that running had taken it's toll on my knees.

In early 2017 my GP diagnosed me with carpel tunnel syndrome due to obesity. By now my weight had ballooned to 21 stone 8lbs and I was on the waiting list for bariatric surgery. I decided to make a change to my lifestyle and joined a popular weight loss programme. In week one I lost 9.5lbs and lost a stone in my first two weeks and found myself motivated and that's how the real running started.
Running gave me a sense of worth. It made me see I was going to be good at something again as I'd now slipped in to dead-end job after dead-end job.
Importantly running has helped me to overcome depression and anxiety, two very real mental health conditions.

There's nothing at all I hate about running, nothing, I love it and I can't get enough. I run in all weathers and I love winter training, stretching myself in the cold air ready for the warmer weather. I'm going to go out and push myself I want the miles under my belt. I joined a 1000 mile challenge for 2018 then when I hit it, I moved my target to 1243 miles (2000k) then I hit that, so I decided as it was 2018 I'd run 2018k(1254 miles) so I hit that and ended up running 2047k, so my 2019 target is 2019k.

With the additional support of Eladon’s protection, recovery and performance supplement - Elagen Sport - I am confident I can achieve my goals. Watch me!
Some people have a song that motivates them to run, I have a saying…..
“The Devil whispered in my ear "You're not strong enough to weather the storm" so I said the Devil "I AM THE STORM!".