Welcome Luke Mitchell to our team

Luke Mitchell has joined our Elagen Sport sponsored athletes and we couldn't be happier.
Luke takes Elagen Sport, Joint Formula and Echinacea from our range of supplements. 
Not only is Luke the owner and co-founder of L&A Fitness People but he is also a dedicated online health, fitness and lifestyle mentor. We are extremely excited to work alongside him.
Here's an update from Luke...
"I'm unbelievably excited to announce that I'm now a SPONSORED ATHLETE with Eladon Ltd
This is not just a win for me but a win for us ALL! 
Eladon is a POWERHOUSE in the world of sports nutrition, combining the sheer force of nature with the cutting-edge science.
They specialize in high-strength herbal extracts, aiming to supercharge immune support, protection, and recovery - it's about to take my training to the next level!
Get this - I'll be using Elagen Sport, the sports supplement that was the FIRST to marry the adaptogenic might of Eleuthero with the antioxidant powers of CoQ10.
It's a favourite among triathletes, endurance athletes, and athletes across all disciplines.
On top of that, I'll be giving my joints some TLC with their Active Joint Care range.
Training hard takes its toll, but with Eladon, recovery won't just be a part of my routine, it'll be a part of my victory! 
It's time to unlock your potential and improve your recovery.
Make sure to check out Eladon for yourself and join me in this epic adventure.
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