What is Standardisation?

What is Standardisation?

The active constituents (Eleutherosides) are unique to the plant. Each Elagen and Elagen Sport capsule contains highly concentrated pure root extract measured to the correct potency to provide maximum effect.

Standardisation is simply the control, by chemical analysis, to check the level of active ingredients in each batch of plant remedy and ensure that they are all the same. Of course plants vary in their quality and strength from place to place and plant to plant. To make sure they are the same a decision is made on which is the main active ingredient and what is its level in correct and reasonably good quality plants. Eladon Ltd has obtained its information by continually consulting the experts, the latest scientific literature, and carrying out many analyses of plants from a variety of sources. Off the shelf analysis of many herbs on the market today have shown that the market is full of blended, substituted, contaminated, incorrect or poor quality plants which manufacturers have often unwittingly put into capsules or tablets. Imagine if you were buying a tub of paracetamol and you were faced with a selection of products of indeterminate strength, some of which had not been quantified and contained little or no paracetamol and some of which had known amounts. Which would you buy? The same goes for Eleutherococcus - always look out for a standardised product or you may not get any active ingredient at all.

For nearly 30 years, Eladon Ltd has been trading we have grown to appreciate that our customers deserve an herbal supplement that evolves into the best possible product. We pride ourselves on our dedication to continually checking we have the best extracts from the best sources and our customers can always be sure they are getting the best quality standardised extract in each capsule. We have moved forward from using Silica, to rice flour and now to finely ground organic Eleuthero herb, as the carrier for the active ingredient in our Elagen capsules. Our tubs now boast a Trufil label, which means our product is 100 per cent Siberian shrub, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, with 2gms equivalent of dried root (active ingredient) in each capsule.