Introducing our "Immuno Pack"

Introducing our "Immuno Pack" - Elagen, Olive Leaf, and Immuno 29 

It may seem the most commonly used language on our news screens at the moment is shrouded in doom and gloom, and although we are all smiling and getting on with things as normal, deep down many of us are often a little anxious about our jobs, our health and the future.

To help you along a little, we have put together what we call the “Immuno Pack” which consists of three of our best selling supplements – Elagen, Olive Leaf and Immuno 29.

As a company, we don't pretend to be able to make life easier. We are not here to improve the economy or to prevent the latest far flung viruses from hitting our shores. What we can do, however, is provide you with a range of standardised health supplements which you may find beneficial.
Our focus has always been on supplements and extracts which may help to improve and strengthen the immune system.

If you can take steps to avoid illness, viruses, ward off viral infections and stay energised, then surely this can only be a positive thing? Lets face it, if your immune system is strong, then the benefits speak for themselves.


When purchasing this pack you are receiving 1 tub of Elagen, 1 tub of Olive Leaf and a FREE tub of Immuno 29

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