Celebrating Luke's triumph at HYROX Madrid 2024!

We are beyond excited to share the incredible news from the recent HYROX event, where Luke’s performance left us all in awe and bursting with pride. But before diving into the details, let us give you a quick rundown on what HYROX is all about for those who may not be familiar.

HYROX is an exhilarating fitness competition that combines functional exercises and endurance challenges, designed to push athletes to their limits. Participants take on a series of workouts, including running, rowing, sled pushing and wall balls, all against the clock. It's a true test of strength, stamina and of course determination.

Now, let’s get back to Luke’s remarkable achievement. He decided to tackle the challenge in the open category this time, accompanied by his fantastic cheerleaders—Sara, Lili and Popi, their invaluable support added an extra layer of motivation for him to excel.

His performance this time compared to the last open race is amazing and these numbers speak for themselves:

  • In Luke’s first open race, he completed in 1:19:47. Fast forward to this event, he absolutely smashed that time, finishing in an astounding 1:06:58.

  • His running game has seen a phenomenal boost, with minutes shaved off across all runs, culminating in a total time of 33:05 compared to 43:48 previously.

  • Noteworthy improvements were also observed in the Sled Push, Row and Wall Balls, showcasing his enhanced speed, strength and endurance.

  • What's truly remarkable is Luke’s transformation in areas where he once struggled, such as the Wall Balls and the 1000m Row. Thanks to Luke’s relentless dedication and strategic adjustments, these exercises have now become his strengths, propelling him into the top 25 rankings!

Luke’s achievements speak volumes, his unwavering commitment and the immense strides taken in his fitness journey. Here at Eladon, we couldn't be prouder of his results. From his sheer determination, resilience and drive to push beyond limits are truly inspiring, not just to us but to the entire Elagen Sport community. Luke’s success is a testament to his hard work.

Luke is also the owner and CEO at “L & A The Fitness People” Gym offering a range of classes and also personal training.

He also is the owner of “Built to Inspire” which is a program he created not just for those wanting to loosing weight and go to the gym, its about transforming from the inside out. A program that is tailor made for each individual, focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep and also stress management, designed to fit into hectic lifestyles, that as a parent himself, he knows only too well.

Here's to celebrating Luke’s triumph, setting new goals and embarking on even greater challenges ahead. His journey continues to inspire us all.

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