Exciting News and changes to Eladon Rewards

Dear Customers,

We are very happy to announce that from the 1st August 2023, we will be introducing subscriptions. Over the years many of you have suggested that this would be helpful; now we will have the ability to do so.

Having a subscription for your favourite product will mean peace of mind knowing that you are covered for the month. You will be able to add to or take away other products from a subscription and also earn loyalty discounts over time. There is no obligation or contract, meaning that you can pause or cancel at any time. We will be on hand if you need any help.

This is a perfect solution if you order on a regular basis.

Subscriptions will be a whole new experience and a different way of earning loyalty rewards, for this reason we will have to deactivate our "Eladon Rewards" in due course.

For those signed up to Eladon Rewards, you will have until 31st July 2023 to earn any new points. You will have until 31st August 2023 to redeem any points already earned. Points may only be deducted from a 'one time purchase' not a subscription purchase.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us directly and Claire or I will be happy to help.

We will keep you updated with any further news.

Best wishes and good health,
Allie & Claire


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