...I could not put my body through what I do without Elagen Sport ...

Frank McVeigh is an Ambassador for Eladon.

Here’s what he told Claire…..

“It was back in the early 90’s when I first heard about Eladon. At that time they were sponsoring a triathlete who and I read an article in a magazine. What caught my attention was a study in Russia that had been carried out on Eleuthero, the results, backed with research were amazing.” 

Frank initially started taking Elagen Sport when he was in his early 20’s. At that time he was training for up to 40 hours each week and also working 40 hours a week - he was super fit.

He said that upon stopping taking Elagen Sport, within a week he was full of cold, felt really run down and felt as if his body was shutting down, “from that moment Claire, I was sold”

Over the years Frank has recommended Elagen Sport to various people, not just fellow athletes. Some who suffer from other illnesses can’t praise it enough.

Claire asked how he has managed during lockdown, he said he has taken to indoor training throughout and is really looking forward to this year as he will be taking part in Iron Man in October 2021. We will of course keep you updated with Frank’s progress and we wish him all the very best of luck.

Finally, Claire asked Frank if there was anything else he would like to say regarding Eladon and its products. He replied “Elagen Sport is a difficult one Claire, it really is hard to believe that it’s as good as I say it is. All I can say is that from the age of 11 I have been an athlete, so I know my body. I could not put my body through what I do without Elagen Sport and I have never had to take anything else” 

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