As we all know, the immune system protects our bodies and is our natural defence against infections, viruses, stress and many illnesses. Often our hectic busy lifestyles put pressure on our immune system, which can cause us stress and weaken our defences. If only there was something that could help? Well, maybe there is.

Eladon Ltd started trading in 1991, which is when Elagen was born. Elagen is our adaptogen supplement containing pure powdered standardised extract of concentrated high-quality Eleutherococcus senticosus also known as Eleuthero, in easy- to- take capsules.

Not long after we created Elagen we designed Elagen Sport.

Elagen Sport was scientifically designed for all sportspeople. It was the first sports supplement to combine the adaptogenic effects of Eleuthero with the antioxidant and catalytic properties of CoQ10. While it has become especially popular amongst many triathletes and other endurance athletes, it is widely used and highly regarded across all disciplines.